1. Stonehenge Golf club is strictly private for the exclusive use of members and their guests.
  2. Any or all dues and fees, as determined by the owners, must be paid before playing.
  3. U.S.G.A. rules will govern play.
  4. Proper golf course etiquette should be observed at all times.
  5. No one is allowed to consume or possess alcoholic beverages on the premises.
  6. Leagues and Outings are not permitted.
  7. Each player must have their own bag of clubs.
  8. All members are responsible for the actions of their Guests.
  9. Membership cards must be carried at all times and presented or surrendered upon request.
  10. Everyone must be properly dressed, shirts and appropriate shoes worn at all times.
  11. A member must accompany each group and no group may consist of more than four golfers.
  12. Management reserves the right to make up groups as they feel necessary.
  13. Everyone should make an effort to help keep the course in good condition, such as, fixing ball marks, raking traps, replacing divots, etc..
  14. Slow players (hole open in front) or those looking for a lost ball must give way to following players.
  15. Due to varying circumstances and changing conditions, the club manager may need to alter, change or add rules as he feels necessary.

NOTE: Anyone who violates any rule or regulation may be asked to leave and/or have their membership revoked.